National festival like Independence Day, Republic Day,
Gandhi Jayanti and various other festivals are celebrated
every year with great pomp and show. Annual function is
organized every year with great pomp and show to
nurture musical dance and creative abilities of children
for all round development of their personality. Annual
Sports Day is organized every year so as to promote the
spirit of sportsmanship and to prepare future sportsmen
and sports women for the country. A drawing and
painting competition is organized every year. More than
1000 students participate in four groups. Minimum 13
prizes are given in each group. A baby show is organized
every year to encourage the children. Prizes are given on
the basis of health, confidence, personality and other
traits of children. More then 2000 children participated
last year. Anti cracker rally is organized before Diwali
every year so also to tell people not to burst crackers and
prevent air and noise pollution.

Besides recreational value, trips and tours have great
educational value too. Students are sent for Picnics,
Education Tours and recreational and adventurous
excursions. Trips to museums, historical places,
exhibitions, etc., add a lot in their knowledge. Hiking and
Trekking, Mountaineering etc. are regularly organized by
the school during vacation